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Twitter Birds Comic - Stonehill College - WeLoveStonehill.com, We Love Stonehill.com, We Love Stonehill, WeLoveStonehillWe just decided it would be way fun to share with you the lovely things you’ve said about us on Twitter & Facebook. Most recent are at the top.

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Hey my twitter friends…any of you stoners AKA @WeLoveStonehill students/graduates? Tweet/honk follow if you are!

#stonehill people check out @WeLoveStonehill and don’t forget to submit a testimonial to the site! Great way to promote Stonehill! #Hilltalk

@WeLoveStonehill: Study abroad, study abroad, study abroad!! Changed my entire perspective on life and the world. #HILLTALK #HILLPRIDE

The Quincy Tutoring Daily is out! http://bit.ly/h0IH3b ? Top stories today via @findtuition @WeLoveStonehill @jeannieborin

E-dawg is off to #Stonehill for soccer camp. Nice to see the next generation there! @WeLoveStonehill

@WeLoveStonehill love that library

@cirbanchez: I wish the real world had Taco Tuesdays @WeLoveStonehill” SO true!!!! I miss it already :(

@WeLoveStonehill I’m sitting outside the MacPhadin library on this amazing day and I couldn’t think of a better place to be!

I wish the real world had Taco Tuesdays @WeLoveStonehill

Yay @WeLoveStonehill! Great concept. Stonehill set me on a path I never imagined. :)
@WeLoveStonehill I will indeed. I work with a lot of young adults and I’m like, oh hey, GO TO STONEHILL.


@WeLoveStonehill yay #stonehill!!


@CandS_Insurance wants to tell you we are Stonehill Fans!!!

No problem @WeLoveStonehill! We are fortunate to work with Stonehill students & staff on a regular basis!

@WeLoveStonehill You rock!

@WeLoveStonehill – As a recent graduate I can truly say I will miss everything about Stonehill!

they were awesome, we have such amazing student leaders and it’s great to recognize them :)  #HILLtalk
i love stonehill and i miss stonehill!
Class of 1992 – Stonehill was an incredible experience. I am so glad I went to Stonehill. My company (StudentAdvisor.com – a Washington Post Co) is currently giving away $24,000 to current students and alumni. To be eligible just write a review of Stonehill – good luck.


@EdCabellon Not too many http://bit.ly/fplAfE, but there is a great new student feed, @WeLoveStonehill

wahh the new #modernfamily talking about how awesome college is makes me miss Stonehill!!! @WeLoveStonehill

I love the skating rink! RT @WeLoveStonehill: Just got the Stonehill Alumni Magazine in the mail! Check out page 25 for campus changes! WOW!

http://t.co/9Fme3FM “it will be the place we all know and love regardless of what the newspapers have to say.”

RT @WeLoveStonehill: Stonehill grad rallies support for alma mater - #Stonehill in the News - #HILLTALK http://t.co/3dvv73r Made it to Stonehill.edu!

Awww! Thanks!!! :-) (CC: @WeLoveStonehill) RT @LifeCoachEmilyH: so proud of my friend @Liz_Downey What an accomplishment!

Nice article featuring @Liz_Downey and @WeLoveStonehill by @WickedLocal http://bit.ly/gwbEde #HILLTalk

@WeLoveStonehill @Liz_Downey cool article! http://bit.ly/gwbEde #HILLTalk

I am in the news w/ @Liz_Downey!! Thank you @WickedLocal for spreading the word about @WeLoveStonehill!http://bit.ly/gwbEde #HILLTALK

@Liz_Downey @WickedLocal@WeLoveStonehill Awesome coverage. Don’t be surprised if a WeLoveTheBridge starts soon.

@WeLoveStonehill anything for people who love #stonehill as much as I do!! (I didn’t think it was possible!) #aceismyhomeboy

Darcy Mitchell I don’t just like this; I LOVE it!! Way to go Stonehill (and Liz!) ?

When asked why they love Stonehill, our Facebook friends said…

@WeLoveStonehill #HILLtalk #StonehillLove

RT @WeLoveStonehill: We’re so excited w/ how this first week turned out! Thanks to all who have shared their testimonials or given us Twitter support! #Stonehill

RT @AndrewEichner: Finally, I want to give a #FF shoutout to @Liz_Downey, who has been having an hugely succesful week with her website welovestonehill.com. :)

RT @Liz_Downey#FF to @WeLoveStonehill. My new favorite cause, just less than a week old. :-)  #Stonehill#GoHill // I second that!

RT @Liz_Downey#FF to @WeLoveStonehill. My new favorite cause, just less than a week old. :-)  #Stonehill #GoHill

FF to @WeLoveStonehill. My new favorite cause, just less than a week old. :-) #Stonehill #GoHill

Finally, I want to give a #FF shoutout to @Liz_Downey, who has been having an hugely succesful week with her website welovestonehill.com. :)

WeLoveStonehill I’m not alum, but I visited Stonehill College last summer, and loved it. I’ll definitely recommend to students.

@zamforia zamforia
hi @welovestonehill!! pleasure to meet you, sorry I didn’t take any pix but regardless #stonehill was awesome!!! great people

Cathleen Creaser Marsh Amesbury- Becket-Kingston-and Boland and old enough to remember the SC President when he was there as a student! Wonderful years!

@kevinlockett Kevin Lockett
#Relationships Journal is out! http://bit.ly/e7nfbH ? Top stories today via @welovestonehill @scpartners @ggi4kids @wholeliving @javatyger

@PreppedPolishedAlexis Avila
@WeLoveStonehill I like Stonehill!

Anna Miner Stonehill pride goes even beyond words. Class of 1994

@JennyGardynski Jenny Gardynski
My testimonial on @WeLoveStonehill http://bit.ly/hbdINk

@craigtm029429Craig Snyder
@WeLoveStonehill I Love Stonehill!!! :)

@angrymidgeJanine Barry
@WeLoveStonehill Good luck w/ the site, great idea!

Gail Nuzzi-Milowe I went there and i love the place! I graduated in ’79 and it is still a georgeous campus! :) I hope to get out there and take a walk one of these beautiful spring days.

@QuincyTutoringEric Clark
@WeLoveStonehill Great to see your number of followers nearly triple today!

@KLBrousseauKaleigh Brousseau
YAY! RT @WeLoveStonehill: Stonhill Alum @KLBrousseau‘s engagement photo at #Stonehill! Photo credit: http://bi… (cont) http://deck.ly/~feQqr

@KLBrousseauKaleigh Brousseau
@WeLoveStonehill #Stonehill is such a gorgeous campus. My fiance and I even took our engagement photos there! http://yfrog.com/h2qogvbj

Rachel Laquidara This site shows Stonehill student initiative at its best. Proud to be a Chieftan & now a Skyhawk.

@lnicas Laurier ‘Lo’ Nicas
The fact that @WeLoveStonehill was set up does not surprise me. It’s hard NOT to love the Hill. #myalmamater #luxetspes

@JennyGardynski JennyGardynski
@WeLoveStonehill I just checked out the site and plan to send a testimonial soon!

@heatherbruntil heather
I love Stonehill, too! RT @WeLoveStonehill: Being Part of the Stonehill Family: Kayla Scaglione’09 wp.me/p1sv6c-O #stonehillfamily

QuincyTutoring.com: I didn’t even go to Stonehill, and I love it!!!

@gsmith1984 Geoffrey Smith
SO OBVIOUS!!!! RT @WeLoveStonehill: @WhyStonehill? Isn’t it obvious? Come join the family. http://bit.ly/emwpKR!

@stonehill_info Stonehill College
Check it out! RT @WeLoveStonehill: Are you an alumni or student of #Stonehill? Check out www.WeLoveStonehill.com!

@QuincyTutoring Eric Clark
@WeLoveStonehill Thanks! I will share this info with my friends who are Stonehill graduates!

@QuincyTutoring Eric Clark
@WeLoveStonehill Welcome to Twitter! Have a great day.