Confidence and Community

by Rachel on September 26, 2012

When you join the Stonehill community as a freshman, Stonehill becomes a second home of sorts. This means that it should be treated as such in more ways than one. Home should not be an intimidating place, and this applies to Stonehill as well.

Last night at dinner, I noticed a student in the panini line who was standing a ways back from the counter,making it hard to tell what she was trying to do. Most people were just passing her and ordering their own food because they could not tell that she was in line. After talking to her for a moment and figuring out that she was trying to order food, I encouraged her to move up and she was able to order her food and go on her way. After this experience, I got to thinking about why she was standing back like that while people just passed her by.

I really wanted to tell her that Stonehill is your home, and you should be confident when you are here. Every person should be able to go through their day at Stonehill with confidence, we are one community, and are all equals within it.

Keep your head up while walking around campus, don’t bury it into your phone, or stare at your shoes. Smile at the people who pass you by, and be proud that you are a part of the community that we call home.


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