So, you have a new roommate?

by Rachel on August 13, 2012

Freshman year means that you will most likely be living with someone you have never met before, and often, you will be sharing a room with someone for the first time. This can be a big challenge for many, and a source of anxiety for most.

If you are fortunate enough to live near your future roommate like I was, try and meet up before the school year starts, it makes it a lot easier if you have met before you are trying to stuff all of your belongings into a half of a dorm room. If you can’t meet in person, try Skype or something like that where you can talk, figure out who is bringing what to the room, and maybe even lay out some ground rules for living together before you even move in.

This brings me to my next point. Make some ground rules for your living environment. Things you may want to address are: having friends stay over, bed times, sharing food and supplies, cleaning, and whatever else you feel necessary. It may seem like overkill now, but if you ever have a conflict, this may resolve the issue because you have already agreed on things beforehand.

Another helpful thing is for each roommate to post their class and activity schedule on the wall. This way, you know where each other is going to be at a given time during a typical week. For instance, if you want to take a nap, you will know if your roommate is going to be out at a class so you can easily shut the lights off and lock the door.

Go in with an open mind. Even if you have Facebook creeped your new roommate and they look like someone who is not going to be compatible with you, don’t write them off right away. You may be pleasantly surprised. There is always potential to change roommates if you are really in a horrible situation, but usually these sorts of things can be worked out, and you can end up having a great experience freshman year living with someone who is as of now a perfect stranger!


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