Becoming Part of the Community

by Rachel on July 26, 2012

Starting Stonehill means that you will become a part of a new community. This means that there will be new friends to be made, and new opportunities to be explored.

The biggest regret of my college career was that I did not become involved enough during the first semester of my freshman year. I only focused on golf team, and I didn’t branch out to any other groups or activities.

Now, you may even say that I am over involved. The thing is, I love everything that I do on campus, and I couldn’t imagine dropping even one thing. Sometimes this makes my schedule a challenge, but to me it is worth it because I am an active member of my community, and I can make a difference at Stonehill.

Becoming involved doesn’t just mean that you should join clubs and activities, but it also means that you should put yourself out there and make new friends. I know that most incoming freshmen have gone through summer orientation, and it may have been a bit awkward, but that is the point. The people you met there will be your community for the next four years, and it is important that you get out there and get to know them. Some of your future closest friends are out there, just waiting to meet you!

Embrace this new adventure at Stonehill, and don’t be afraid to try new things and meet new people. It will make your college experience far more meaningful and enjoyable!

Rachel Sederberg, 2013


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