My Senior Year at Stonehill

by Rachel on July 20, 2012

In a matter of weeks I will be moving back to Stonehill for my senior year. I honestly can’t believe that I have already moved in three times, and that after this year, I will have to leave the place that I have called home and move on to something else.

There are so many things that I wish I knew three years ago when I moved in as a freshman. There are things for my dorm room that I never thought of back then that I can’t live without now. I wish I did more in my freshman year and got involved earlier than I did. Above all, I wish I could go back and do it all again, because it was such a great experience.

I will be blogging on this year to chronicle my last year at Stonehill, and to give any advice I can to younger students and anyone who is planning to apply to Stonehill in the future.

To all of the incoming members of the class of 2016, you don’t know now, but you are embarking on a great journey. It goes by so much faster than you expect, and it seems like all of a sudden, you are thinking about getting a real job or applying to graduate programs. So, for all you members of the class of 2016, savor every moment of it. Trust me, in a few years, you will do anything to go back!

Rachel Sederberg, Class of 2013


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