DJ Osier, Class of 2011

by We Love Stonehill on August 30, 2011

DJ Osier - Stonehill College, Class of 2011 - WeLoveStonehill.comWLS: What year did you graduate?
DJ: Graduated May 2011.

WLS: What was your major? Minor?
DJ: I majored in Finance, and minored in Economics.

WLS: How long were you an RA for?
DJ: I was an RA for 3 years. My last year, I was the RSA or Resident Staff Assistant of Boland. Two of those years, I was an RA in the area formerly known as CVD. My first year, I was the RA of Villa second south, and my 2nd year was an RA of Corr Third North. My final year, I was the RSA of Boland an lived in 2nd West.

WLS: How do you think your experience at Stonehill was effected by your choice to become an RA?
DJ: My experiences where really positive as a result of being an RA. Sure, there where times when my image and reputation, given a certain night, may not have won me any popularity contest. However, I couldn’t picture my time at Stonehill not being an RA and RSA. My experiences allow me to look back and think, “Not many get to say they made an impact on their alma mater’s community!” And that’s exactly what I did. It made me be more connected and take more pride in being a Skyhawk. It allowed me to push myself out of my comfort zone and take chances. Chances which allowed me to become: Class President my Junior Year, a member of Stonehill’s Student Affairs Committee, College Disciplinary Committee, Class Committee Publicity Coordinator, and many more! It allowed me to make some great lifelong friends and steered me down that path less-taken. I can honestly say it made all the difference; not to be cliche!

WLS: How do you think your time as an RA (or your time at Stonehilll in general) has prepared you for the real world?
DJ: My time as an RA, and RSA, has prepped me for the real world in more ways than I could imagine. During it, I gained confidence about myself that has transposed into everything which I do. It helped me learn how to manage and help guide people. It allowed me to work individually yet within a team setting. It helped me set goals not only for myself short run, yet long term too.  Additionally, it taught me how to seek out the apporpriate resources when needed, and to be a resource for others. It also taught me with how to confront my peers and a situation, and in turn mediate it. It helped me network and became more than a job, it became a part of who I was.

WLS: Do you have a favorite story about being an RA? If so, please share.
DJ: At this question, I thought –hmm, how to narrow it down to just one! However, for the sake of confidentiality, I’ve opted to just make a blanket-statement. My tales range from resident interactions, programming, to long duty nights. They have allowed me see it all. I’ve seen pranks, fire alarms, alcohol mishaps, incidents almost straight out of a movie. There have been times when I can say I’ve helped save a life or two.

Many of my favorite stories came during my second year in CVD, 2009-2010! My stories are nothing you might call “wild and crazy,” but they’re mine: staying up late talking in the staff office, late night Taco Bell runs, Euro Trips, etc. They were stories when we weren’t doing the job; we were just hanging out, being there for one another. It was where I made some of my closest friends and just really proud to be an RA.

WLS: What are your plans now that you’ve graduated from Stonehill?
DJ: My plans post-Stonehill is to stay on the Student Affairs highway. As of July 25, I will be moving up to Franklin Pierce University an starting as an Experience Director (RD), and pursuing my MBA starting this winter.


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