“Distinctively Stonehill”

by Rachel on March 18, 2013

There has already been enough ink spilled regard the Catholic Identity of Stonehill and I will leave those words for another day. But one aspect of our Catholic connection is the coveted Easter Break. Unlike my friends at secular colleges, I get five days off every Spring Semester because of Easter. It is a great time to return home and enjoy my life away from Stonehill. Another time that is also short and great in its own ways is the few weeks between Spring Break and Easter Break. It is concentrated, quick, and magical.

We students return after Spring Break usually riding a high. It can be from participating in one of the several service trips sponsored by groups on campus, returning home to enjoy the comforts of home, or escaping away on vacation.  Either way, we typically try to carry this energy with us as we march toward Easter and another break. And because of this, I believe that more can and does happen. This can include completing more schoolwork that initially anticipated, accomplishing more items on the mythical “Stonehill bucket list”, or taking the time to spend with those who you care about.

I know that personally I am aiming to do a healthy combination of all three. I am inspired by the break that awaits me at the end of two full weeks and a shortened week of three days. I am also feeding off the longer and warmer days. Deep beneath the soil, plants are awaiting to break free, sprout, and flourish. I believe the same for the joy I am to feel following Easter Break. So for now, I feel a little bit of it poke through thanks to this time provided exclusively by Stonehill’s unique and greatly appreciated schedule.

-Nick Howard, Class of 2013

Nick comes from North Attleboro, MA. He has been involved with Activism Club, WSHL, The Summit, HOPE, and the Mindful Living Community. He enjoys writing poetry and being in Nature. After college he plans to, with the support of his friends and family, pursue a career in freelance writing.


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